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canaldesalsabeto canaldesalsabeto·533 videos 3,279 2,055,872 Like 4,756 Dislike 44 Video size: 420 × 315 Show suggested videos when the video finishes Use HTTPS [?] Enable privacy-enhanced mode [?] Use old embed code [?] Top Comments Elisa Gauthreaux Elisa Gauthreaux 5 months ago Its not literally about a candle....its about "sexual heat" or being "on fire" about someone. · 30 in reply to MrSumkidd (Show the comment) codenamecc codenamecc 2 months ago Candela is also a girl name. · 9 in reply to Elisa Gauthreaux (Show the comment) All Comments (378) King NYC click to leave a comment marcelgowa marcelgowa 6 days ago i donjt understand anything, but i feel this is a very hot song ! · Emiliano Molina Emiliano Molina 1 week ago Muy bueno ya lo tengo! ->\0eHkF · Abbe Joel Abbe Joel 1 week ago traduction:j'ai le cul en feu. · macalauresmuse macalauresmuse 1 week ago That made me laugh. Ok it's true in a literal way but I think it's meant in a sense more like 'burn like a candle' :D · in reply to MrSumkidd (Show the comment) Marcela Camacho Marcela Camacho 2 weeks ago La mujer cuando de agacha (me quemo aé) Se le abre el entendimiento (me quemo aé) Y el hombre cuando la mira (me quemo aé) Se le para el pensamiento (me quemo aé)♫ Definitivamente Cuba es música universal! · 2 xavi hernandez xavi hernandez 2 weeks ago lo mejor de lo mejor · in playlist Salsa Cubana musica famosa Stringer Bell Stringer Bell 2 weeks ago Those old men made me love cuban music! · 5 peninha1975 peninha1975 3 weeks ago One of the best bands in the world .Watched them in Varadero a few years ago,still some of the original people there, and still a great band to listen/watch.Not another band can match this...your legs cannot stay still for a second.Mucho amor de Portugal a cuba! · cablemx81 cablemx81 3 weeks ago eres idiota??? Candela se refiere al calor que se siente por acá en el trópico, no es una puta vela!!!!!  · in reply to Elisa Gauthreaux (Show the comment) arely fiol arely fiol 4 weeks ago Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajajajajjajaj­ · in reply to SrWolframio (Show the comment) Thumbnail 35 videos Thumbnail Thumbnail YouTube Mix 7:28 Buena Vista Social Club - El Cuarto de Tulaby Peter SmythFeatured